Study support group was founded in 2014 by group of philanthropists and goodwill citizens, the Ngo was born out of compassion for alarming number of individuals and groups who continually fails to realize their dreams, whether it  be in education or in career training and or any other forms of higher learning’s due to financial constrains.
(SSG) is a nongovernmental group with track records of providing support to thesewho needs it the most.


Our mission is to encourage useful studies and we strategically do this by identifying and supporting individuals or groups who genuinely need funds to continue and complete their important studies.

We are looking forward to bridge the gaps between goodwill donors and the people who actually are in need, We continually liaise with international bodies and philanthropists in other to provide financial access to help studies randomly.

Is to see an Africa where anyone can go to school, anyone can obtain that vital career certification they desire to be successful in life.

, Funding their education is no achievable with Study Support.


Since inception, we have supported more that 8,000 studies, we have raise hope of over 20,000 students who have their mind in completing one studies or the other.