• 28
  • SEPT

Career Pathway

  • Tuesday at 9:30PM
  • Port Harcourt. Nigeria.

Career pathway through certification | A free one day training Open to every career enthusiastic person . With this well planed program, we will educate the general public on the benefits of building a strong career, we will also offer to training registered members on various professional short courses, all for participants gain.



>> Promotion for the Career pathway through certification program starts 9am 28 September 2017 kickoff point will be our port Harcourt office.

>> Registration of candidates for professional short course training commences on the 30th August 2017

>> While Training of successful registered candidates will commence on the 3rd of October 2017. .

  • 29
  • JULY

Fundraising Campaign

  • Friday at 9:30PM
  • Lagod, Port Harcourt, Enugu City.

Fundraising campaign | There will be a nationwide campaign to raise funds to finance education in Nigeria.
Times are hard, over 40% of students are dropping out of studies, 20% students are in-between balance.

Study support group is initiating a nationwide campaign to raise funds from good will donors and philanthropists to support and sponsor alarming rates of studies.


>> Fundraising campaign starts 9am 26th July 2017 Grand Tokyo Hotel Mini-Hall, stadium road Port Harcourt.
>> Awareness program 1th July 2017
>> Fund receiving  7th of July 2017.


  • 28
  • Apl

Education Aweareness Campaign

  • Satuday
  • North West.

The go back to school awareness campaign program is planned to be the very best of its kind, we look forward to convicting large numbers of school dropouts to go back and continue those vital studies. We also are targeting the rural communities where majority of the children don’t value education.


>> Promo and advertisement to commence Abuja,Kaduna and Jos. >> Awareness program 11th April 2017

>> One on One counseling 20th of April 2017. .