90% percent of the scholarship programs we coordinate are awarded by external goodwill philanthropists, international organizations or governmental bodys.

Scholarship opportunities may not come very often but whenever opportunity opens, we distribute resources evenly to qualified applicants.

How do I know when there are scholarship openings?
We advise candidate to login and check updates often, scholarship opportunities are always advertised.

How do I apply?
Once there is an opening you can apply by clicking the APPLY button on your portal.

Are my grantee scholarship once I apply?
No. scholarship are awarded base on merits.


What is the step?

  1. -Register
  2. -Login often to see scholarship openings
  3. -Apply for scholarship
  4. Wait and check your status often


Study Support team is only interested in bridging the gap between goodwill philanthropists, international organizations and governmental bodies who want to support students who will depend on financial scholarship to complete their study. We only provide the platform. As an organization we do not fund scholarship on our own by so, we do not make promises to  award scholarship to any candidate.